by SoapyMania
Sell the most unique and skin-loving natural soap 
and your group keeps 50% of the sales.
By far the easiest way to raise money 
for any non-profit organization!

Bundle Packs

Great products that are
easy to raise funds

Easy Setup

Pre-printed Brochures and guides 

for an easy and fun fundraiser

Earn 50% Profit

50% off every order with 

no minimums and no fees

Easy brochure fundraiser
Once you decide to run a fundraiser, let us know how many seller's forms and brochures you would need. We will mail them for your sellers and you will be ready to start selling our admiring soaps. Your sellers collect orders and payments. In the end, you place one simple order with SoapyMania and keep 50% of your sales.

3 Easy steps to fundraise with SoapyMania

Get Brochures & Sell Forms

Order our pre-designed brochures 

and seller's forms or 

download them from our website.

Start Selling to Supporters

Have fun selling our admiring soaps 

and scrubs. Sellers collect payments 

as they take orders. 

Earn 50% of Sales

Place an easy order with SoapyMania via 

filling out an easy order form and 

keep 50% of sales.

Step 1

Get Brochures & Sell Forms

At SoapyMania, we believe that fundraising should be fun, profitable, and flawless. Need to raise funds for your charity? We've taken the pain out of the process so you can get started right away. Click the button below to get your Brochures and Seller's Forms along with the Fundraiser Guide to ease the process of your fundraiser. You can download them using a link or request them to be mailed over to you.

One of the simplest ways to raise funds as a team is

by utilizing our resources to generate revenue!

Step 2

Have Fun Selling

Plan the number of brochures to distribute to your sellers. Request at least 1-2 per seller. They’ll arrive within 5-7 business days from the time of the request. While our beloved soap is easy to sell, you will want to make sure you promote your fundraiser and get your sellers as excited as possible. So, make sure you share information about your fundraiser on your organization’s site, send emails to your community, and post on social media (ideally with some pictures of cats and babies). We provide you with a Fundraiser Guide to give you ideas on how to organize your fundraiser.

Step 3

Earn 50% of Sales

Once you get to the end of your fundraiser, collect all your sellers’ order forms and place one order to SoapyMania. You will only pay half of the amount you collected. The other half of the funds is yours to keep! Pretty cool, right? When you receive your shipment, you’ll distribute the orders to your sellers for delivery to their customers. And again, no fees and no minimums for your organization. What a wonderfully tasty and profitable experience.  

Clean bodies, happy hearts! - Lather up and make a difference!

Fall in love with SoapyMania soaps
We're passionate about bringing out the most innovative 
and natural skin-loving soaps
Gentle on the skin
Clean & safe beauty
Suitable for all skin types
Leaping Bunny Certified

Cruelty-free & vegan
Plant-based ingredients
Compostable packaging
Sulfates and Paraben FREE
Real reviews from real customers

Best soap ever

"This great-smelling soap is my favorite brand of soap so far. It is perfect for my skin - no irritation after using it, not drying my skin. Lufa is a great addition to it. I highly recommend it to anyone."
 Natella F.


"This made my whole house smell amazing and definitely helped me relax and unwind before bed. I love it so much I purchased a lot of them for Christmas gifts!! The scent is unbelievably comforting and lasts in the bathroom for days. Magnificent!"
Vika N.

Amazing product

"I was so amazed at how great SoapyMania product works! The loofah and soap in one and the amazing smell of how it last on your skin! Will definitely be buying my soap from only here from now on!"
David H.

Best smelling soap

"This soap not only feels good on my skin but also smells fantastic! Looks beautiful and makes a great gift for any occasion. Can't imagine using anything else ever again. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"
Natalia Y.

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