5 Skin Care Presents For the Holidays

5 Skin Care Presents For the Holidays

It's that time of year where some people start worrying over what they are going to get their friends or distant relatives. You might not even know anything about them and what they like, but we don't always have to resort to money. That's why I’m here to help! Here is non pricey list of some trendy skin care/cosmetic gifts to gift or to put in Christmas stockings!

  1. Face masks!

Almost everyone loves face masks and they can make the perfect stocking stuffers. Face masks can range for different skin types and what they do (moisturizing, refreshing, pore minimizing, etc.) and can be wash or peel off. Some trendy and cool looking face masks can include animal face face masks, mud masks from the dead sea, and glitter peel off masks!

  1. Popular bath bombs

Bath bombs have become more and more popular over the years and with that comes more interestingly colored and scented bath bombs. It’s a cute and simple gift for those that just want to take a break and relax for a bit. Some really trendy bath bombs have recently been introduced, like christmas tree and star shaped bath bombs, glitter/ black bath bombs and even bath bombs with rings inside!

  1. Mario Badescu facial spray sets

If you are caught up with the world of skin care and high end products (or just a teenager with a lot of acne) then you know Mario Badescu is THE toner/facial spray to have. Luckily, places like Ulta Beauty sell them in sets of 3, perfect if you want to give one to multiple friends and it uses all natural skin balancers such as rosewater, aloe vera, and chamomile.

  1. Makeup Brush Sets

With so many new makeup products coming out, it’s hard to stay updated with the brushes for them. Perfect for people experimenting with makeup and they can come in so many cool sets like mermaid or ombre or moving glitter!

  1. Glossier! Glossier! Glossier!

Glossier has always been known for their boy brow and lip gloss but more recently they’ve improved on their cloud paint (liquid blush that comes in multiple colors). A lot of their products can be included in gift sets under their Gift Guide Tab and they have a ton of other skin care and makeup products using natural ingredients as well as products for the body and fragrances! Perfect for looking all natural while feeling new and refreshed.

Thank you for reading and hopefully this has helped ♡

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  • Alice Kazakov