Here at SoapyMania, we stand with the people of Ukraine. We’re praying for peace and safety of all those affected.

This war has impacted the whole world and as we anxiously watch what's happening, we feel helpless and sad. 

Our brans founder, Alena Goco, has immigrated from Russia a while ago. 

"I was born in Soviet Union - a union of multiple national republics one of which was Ukraine. We all were born in the same country, we all have the same history, routs, culture, we all are blood related. Seeing what's happening today does not make any sense. It's a tragedy that impacted every one of us. I have close friends in Ukraine who's life will never be the same. I have friends and family in Russia who also do not support this war. I stand with all of you and do my best to make a difference!", - says Alena.

On top of our other support and donations to Ukrainian people made before, we decided to set up this page to allow our SoapyLove community to help as well. We will donate 100% of profit made from buying the soaps for Ukraine to support volunteers helping in the war on Ukrainian land who are right now risking their lives to help those in need - children, elderly, pregnant women... 


Stand with Ukraine

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