5 Trendiest Must Haves for you bath and body

I love following fashion and trying out new trendy products. Here is a list of my favorite bath and body treats I use myself:


1. Bath Bombs aka Bath Fizzies are hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients which fizzes when wet. Similar to shower melts but it is use for the bath tub time. It is known to color the water in your bath, to give a great aroma and moisturize your skin after.


2. Shower Melts aka Shower Steamers aka Shower Tables aka Shower Fizzies aka Shower Soothers - a lot of names for these genius creations of the century for shower lovers. Similar to bath bombs but made for those who prefer taking a shower rather than a bath tub. They are small hard-packed mixtures of baking soda + citric acid and essential oils. They give off an aroma, and with your favorite essential oils, flood your shower with that scent as it slowly dissolves. Put them on the floor or a side of your shower where water can reach it and enjoy them "melt" while releasing smell of essential oils. You do not apply it on the skin but you can enjoy an aromatherapy effect when breathing it in.


3. Soap Customizer - create your own design of the soap! Embed a picture or a custom sign inside the soap. It will stay inside the entire soap life time and will dissolve at the very end. You'll see your favorite picture or a thoughtful quote while washing your hands every single time.

Lotion Bars - healthy natural lotions made out of organic oils and butters in a form or a bar. It melts with the warmth of your hands so you can evenly distribute a right amount all over your body. Very-very handy when travel - just put a little bar into your cary on - no bottles, no jars, no spills on your clothes. 



5. Scrub Cubes - another handy way to use scrub. These scrubs also made out of natural and healthy ingredients are in shapes of cubes. One cube is enough for the entire body. Just crash it in your hands and scrub yourself. Grab one or two for your trip, no need to carry the entire jar.

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