Our Story - SoapyMania Modern Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She had just moved from far-away-land to the beautiful city of Los Angeles. In the beginning, however, she had a hard time seeing how beautiful it really was. You see, she was sad and lonely, with no friends, family, or purpose. She spent most of her days online, searching for something, anything that could make her heart sing. Then one lonely day, she noticed that someone had posted online about making their first bar of soap. Instantly, she was intrigued! "What do you mean you made a bar of soap?", "How did you do it?", "Why in the world would you make soap in the 21st century?" and "Who uses bars of soap nowadays?” Having a Master's Degree in Engineering, she was naturally curious about science, and the thought of knowing how to create something so important in our daily lives convinced her to research more about it. The more she researched, the more her soul danced, until one day, she was inspired enough to try to make her own soap.

So she got all the ingredients and started practicing. No, she didn't become a light enchantress or a dark witch...at least not right away ;) But she fell in love with it! It took her a long while to figure out all of the recipes and start making her own magic, but eventually, she realized that she had turned her loneliness into inspiration.

The moral of this story is that it’s important to find yourself, and to follow your heart. Once you learn who you are and what you want, you'll find out that the world around you is so beautiful, people are kind, and you have the power to do anything you want. 

The End...?

Actually, it’s just the beginning! Today, SoapyMania is a successful, fast growing company with a little personal story... 

SoapyMania is a real mania to adorable organic artistic glycerin soaps. All of our products are handmade to order, with love and care, and with natural and healthy organic ingredients. Our products look, smell, and feel blissful.

Our promise to you is that all of our products are made with highest quality organic, all natural, cruelty free vegan ingredients. You can find all varieties of soap, lotions, bath bombs, scrubs of any style and scent.

Join the craze and be a SOAPY MANIAC today!

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