All About Shower Melts

All About Shower Melts

So I’m sure some of you are wondering, what even is a shower melt? A shower melt, or named differently, a shower steamer, is a small disc of baking soda and essential oils that is used as an aromatic “bath bomb” for when you’re trying to take a quick shower. It gives off a strong scent, and with your favorite essential oils, floods your shower with that scent as it slowly dissolves.

Conveniently small and easily storable, these little molds are perfect for anyone looking to treat themselves without a fancy face mask or a long bath. Just place them at the end of your shower to dissolve and let them do their magic! Shower melts are incredibly useful when you have a cold too! The essential oils aid in aromatherapy, which can clear a stuffy nose in just seconds of being in the shower, not to mention eucalyptus and lavender have calming properties.

So how do they work? Well, just like a batch bomb, the baking soda and essential oils are molded into any shape and when they water hits it, it creates a reaction with the baking soda and brings out the essential oils. This then turns your shower into an aromatic spa.

Thank for reading and make sure to check in next Sunday to read about the different benefits of facial/shower products! You can find aromatic shower melts in a cute gift box here!

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  • Alice Kazakov