Types of Skin Care Products and Their Uses

In this article you will find a brief summary of some of the facial products recommended in a nightly skin routine to ensure radiant and clear (as well as moisturized) skin. Now not all products may be a perfect match for your type of skin but each facial products can be switched out with another option for the perfect skin care routine.

  1. Cleanser

It is said that everyone must wash their face two times a day to get any bacteria and sweat off of your face and out of your pores. A cleanser is designed specifically to clean off makeup and dead skin cells, as well as any oil that has build up. Usually used with a toner and exfoliator, using a cleanser can reduce the chances of a sudden breakout of acne and blackheads.

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2. Exfoliator

Exfoliators are extremely important when it comes to achieving your perfect skin goals. This absolutely magical product shrinks pore size immensely as it cleans them out. Not only that, but when used once a day, it can make wrinkles and creases less visible.

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3. Toner

Toner is essential to use after washing your face but before moisturizing. It’s almost like an extra step for dry skin and it is used before moisturizing so the cream doesn’t clog the pores once more and absorbs deep to slow oil production. Plus toner is extremely easy to make if you don’t have time to go out and get it! Just get a bottle and mix ⅔ of the bottle of water with ⅓ of apple cider vinegar.

4. Serum

Facial Serum/ Face oils contain antioxidants as well as anti aging properties that stimulate collagen production. Serum is mostly used for moisturizing overnight since a single bottle contains so many moisturizing agents that travel deep into your skin.

5. Moisturizer

No matter the skin type, everyone must use moisturizer, and not just in the face. Moisturizer is exactly what it sounds like; it moisturizes your skin and keeps it hydrated for longer and in general restores damaged skin.  

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6. Sunscreen

Last but not less important sunscreen. Sunscreen is a vital and somewhat overlooked facial product but it is critical for protecting your skin from UV rays. There are even some moisturizers that have SPF in them to save everyone the extra step. Be careful with the amount you use though because a lot of sunscreen could clog your pores.

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