Father's Day Gift Ideas From Least to Most Expensive

Father's Day Gift Ideas From Least to Most Expensive

Father’s day is coming up this Sunday and every year we go through the struggle to get a special gift with meaning on time. We love our dads and all that they do for us, which means we should try to make this day even more special for them. Listed are a few gifts that you can consider getting for your father, from least to most expensive.

1. Something Handmade

The most genuine and heartfelt gift comes straight from the heart (and some handwork of course). Whether it be a card, collage, or anything handmade your dad will surely appreciate it and find it meaningful.

2. Candles or Incense

Very small and simple but still a good gift for a who would just like to unwind. Relaxing to the scent of his favorite candle will surely make him feel appreciated this Father’s day. Good quality and organic candles can be found at Bath and Body Works or online on amazon.

3. Portable charger and cable

For the dad that is always on the go this gift idea surely beats the rest! Chargers break all the time and sometimes it’s a hassle to find an outlet. By getting him a portable charger you can keep in touch throughout the day and they can be found on amazon or simple places like Walmart and Target.

4. Organic Soap

Not just any random soap you find at Target or Walmart but good quality and organic soap that he will gratefully acknowledge. Not only that but you can make custom picture soaps for him with a picture that is meaningful to him.  Custom picture soaps can be found here with a good price for great quality!

5. Coffee mug and coffee grinder

For the dad that drinks coffee (or tea) in the morning, this present can be a great pick-me-up. It may not be much but your dad will still be happy to know that you care about him and notice what he does, making it simple but sweet. These can be found, like everything else, on amazon.

6. A Shaving Set

It may not be the most unique gift but your dad will surely appreciate a new shaving set/kit so they won’t have to buy their own. Any shaving sets can be found on amazon and they usually include a razor, shaving cream, brush, aftershave, and some sort of trimming device.

7. New Wallet

Wallet’s can wear out easily so this father’s day you can get your dad a brand new wallet. It would be meaningful to him and he will greatly appreciate you looking out for him. A good quality wallet can be found on amazon or any online store that sell men’s attire.

8. Watch

For the father who can be late sometimes, a watch would be a meaningful and much needed father’s day gift. Watches can be found anywhere from target up to big name brands such as rolex, it all depends on his style and your budget.

Hope these helped and we wish you a happy Father’s Day!

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  • Alice Kazakov