6 Healthy Skin Tips and Tricks

I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say I would like healthy skin but sometimes it’s not that easy to achieve. Some companies may overlook the truth when they say they use organic and natural products, leaving our skin irritated. Few oils may be better than others and sometimes body products don’t even use natural ingredients to make your skin healthier so here is a list of a few tricks for healthier skin.






  1. It is the most common tip and definitely isn't a body product but everyone needs to drink water. No matter how fancy and organic your soap or cream is the best thing you can do for your body is to drink water. Water naturally flushes out any toxins and unnecessary oils from inside your body to leave your skin glowing and moisturized.
  2. Use congenital ingredients such as coconut oil or tea tree oil, whether it be for your lips or a body wash make sure to use these types of oils. They are proven to bring moisture back into your skin and removes dead skin cell, leaving your skin smooth and as soft as a kitten.
  3. Use Aloe Vera on face and upper body. Aloe Vera is used for soothing burned skin but in general it can be used for sun damaged or dry skin. Aloe Vera and strengthens skin tissue as well as fights bacteria
  4. Raw Honey and Avocado can both boost collagen in the skin and can reduce any redness from irritation with their vitamins. Both contain enzymes used in most organic soaps such as the ones here.
  5. Use only organic soaps and washes. Unnatural products contain harmful substances that can further damage the skin; making you buy more of it to fix all the irritation. Organic soaps are made from anything locally grown and includes vitamins and enzymes that not only exfoliate but strengthen your skin.
  6. Use lots of body scrubs. I cannot stress enough how important these are for the skin. Body scrubs such as these remove the dead skin cells to make room for healthier ones to grow. Body scrubs deeply exfoliate your skin, getting every pore and wrinkle to rid them of bacteria. Your skin will be absolutely glowing

Finally, remember that your skin does not have to be perfect, in fact using those products 24/7 may not be right for your skin type and that is fine. It’s always fun to just enjoy the smells anyway!

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