Our Newest Bath Bomb

Our Newest Bath Bomb

Bath Bombs have been a big hit in the cosmetic industry these past few years and they are still growing in popularity, as well as variety. With all these new bath bomb trends, we (SoapyMania) have decided to create something unique and creative. We would like to introduce to you… our new Gemstone Ring Bath bombs!

Each bath bomb is hand painted with all natural pigment paint and made with safe ingredients such as baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, Kaolin clay, natural fragrances, natural pigment and witch hazel. This Kaolin clay clears pores and detoxes the skin, and witch hazel is beneficial because it eats away at acne causing bacteria and heals cuts and bruises.

Not only is it beneficial for your skin and smells amazing, each bath bomb has a ring inside! The rings can be adjustable to any size and they all correlate with the type of gemstone the bath bomb is meant to be. For example the Amethyst Druzy Gemstone Bath Bomb (cover photo) has a pink ring inside! Super cute and super relaxing, make sure to check out these new bath bombs on our site and use the code SHINEBRIGHT to get your first bath bomb for only a dollar!

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  • Alice Kazakov