Skin Care for Normal and Combination Skin

Skin Care for Normal and Combination Skin

In the recent post, “Skin Care for Oily and Dry Skin”, we learned that oily skin is caused by a buildup of sebum and that a good quality cleanser can control the oil production to minimize the “greasy” feeling. As for dry skin, it may be caused by too much exposure to water or heat but can be easily fixed with some moisturizer and watching out for benzoyl peroxide in different face products. Along with dry and oily skin types, there is normal and combination skin types, and they require some different skin care products.

What is “normal” skin? Normal skin is what is considered to be the median; it’s neither oily or dry and has little to none imperfections. Normal type skin also includes having tiny pores and radiant complexion, but it’s rare to have since everyone has gone through puberty! There’s not much to do to improve on normal skin but using extra products can go a long way. For example, every type of skin needs one basic facial product, sunscreen, without it, you can end up with inflamed and dry skin. Not to mention toner, just to make sure to kill any bacteria in pores, even if they are small, and a simple water based moisturizer after a shower to prevent dry skin. Body scrubs are also important, since they scrub all of the dead skin cells off of your face and body, also important for normal skin. You can find cute sugar scrub cubes using all natural ingredients here!

Combination skin is exactly what it sounds like, both oily in some areas and dry in others. It’s the most common skin type but also the trickiest to deal with since some products can damage part of your face more and having this skin type can make the T-zone of your face more sensitive. People with the combination skin type tend to have lots of blackheads and shiny skin, as well as pores that are more open than those with the other skin types. All of these issues can be solved with an antioxidant and water soluble cleanser while washing your face or even just a natural soap to wash away the unnecessary oil. It’s also extremely important to only use moisturizer on the dry areas, or you will end up with more oil on your face than the fried dough they serve at carnivals. Facial serums contain beneficial ingredients to treat dry and oily skin at the same time.

Thank you for reading and hopefully these posts have helped differentiate the skin types!


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  • Alice Kazakov