The Proper Way to Take Off Makeup

Anyone who uses makeup knows the golden rule, always take it off before going to sleep. Different makeup could cause many different problems when left on for too long, so yes, beauty sleep is real. To prevent all of this bacteria and pollution to end up in your pores and oil glands we have to take just a few extra steps before bed.

To start off, just a makeup wipe is not enough, unless your makeup face consisted of just gloss. Starting with cleanser is key; it breaks down all of the makeup such as foundations, concealers, powders and pigments. Cleansing oils destroy other oils like excess sebum in your pores as it still cleans them out of anything else. Make sure you rub it on and leave it for a few seconds before washing or wiping it off.

Opening the pores with steam dramatically helps with cleaning out long lasting makeup. Normally this can be done over a sink with hot water but a shower or bowl of hot water will do just as well. Then when the pores are opened, it’s a lot easier to clean out dirt with a soft washcloth, making sure not to damage your skin.

When you are attempting to take of your makeup, make sure to not forget about the edge of your eyelid, where liner and mascara can build up over and can cause irritation, especially if it's waterproof mascara. Along with liner, eyeshadow can stain when kept on for too long and eventually makes it harder to wash off.  

Do not use baby or hand wipes! Not only do they smudge your makeup more, they irritate the skin and they’re filled with drying agents, making your skin flaky and red. It’s tempting to use when no makeup remover is available but even plain soap and water does the trick better.

Hopefully this cleared a few questions some people have had about removing makeup. If you follow these tips and guides, your skin will be extremely healthy and will be able to withstand heavy makeup better!


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