Three Things For Healthy Skin That Estheticians Can't Sell

Not every product on an estheticians shelf can guarantee perfect and glowing skin; achieving skin goals comes from much more than a product routine. We have to go deep, to offer invaluable advice to our clients to try and find the root of their skin problem. Here are three things for youthful and clear skin that everyone needs, but we are not selling!

1. Sweat

Everyone knows about the benefits of exercise. HGH (human growth hormone) can’t come in a bottle or face mask but from working out. Studies have proven that HGH production increases up to 771 percent after just a 30 minute vigorous body workout. This increases hair growth, stronger bones, skin repair and increases collagen production, something estheticians strive for. To go along with a great work comes another clear skin factor, perspiration. Sweating boosts the immune system and clears out all of the excess salt, and overall, cleans out all the junk from inside our system. With this comes a drop in the skin’s PH scale, creating a more acidic environment so acne causing bacteria cannot grow.

2. Sugar

Estheticians always suggest “no grease, no dairy, no sugar” to guarantee youthful skin. Some dairy products may be good, but sugar on the other hand is disastrous. Too much sugar can cause inflammation, stress, and can erupt the skin. These can damage DNA and collagen which results in wrinkles and fine lines. In most cases, people ranging from 15-30 tend to make their skin conditions worse by excessively eating sugar, without thinking what it may be doing under the surface of the skin. So, what part can we not sell? A healthy diet. A healthy and consistent diet of non glycemic foods can lead to clearer, and overall, more healthy skin.

3. Sleep

Studies have proven that the average human body needs seven to nine hours of sleep a night to ensure positive health. What does this have to do with skin? While we are off in out dreams, our skin gets to work clearing everything out in our body and ensuring water molecules end up where they need to be. Excess water is pushed out  of the system, reducing puffy eyes or oily skin. Lack of sleep lowers our bodies circulation which causes red patches, and makes it more sustainable for any infection/virus.


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