Top 6 Gifts/Must Haves For The New School Year

Top 6 Gifts/Must Haves For The New School Year

School is crawling up on all of us, and fast! Kids and teenagers are starting to dread back to school commercials and shopping while the parents are secretly overjoyed for a peaceful routine. But there are a few must haves the kids and parents should have to make this school year easier on everybody, starting with just a little self care. Even if you’re not a parent or child, you can still enjoy these items for yourself.

1. Lotion/ Face Masks

I, along with my other teenage friends can argue that the stress from our school work definitely damages our skin. During major tests we tend to break out or get oily skin from stress. A face mask can be the perfect solution and not just that! Lotion comes in handy during the cold and dry winters, even for adults. After all, nobody wants cracked and dry skin no matter where they are. Face masks, small tubes of lotion and other natural cosmetics can be found for around 2 to 3 dollars at a local pharmacy/cosmetic store.

2. Sticking to self care, and my personal favorite, bath bombs!

Any kind of work is stressful, and what better way to cure that stress, even just for a night, with a relaxing bath? Bath bombs can be found pretty much in any stores carrying skin care products for 6 to 7 dollars depending on size and scent. Although I suggest our lavender bath bombs, they smell deliciously amazing and for only 5 dollars now! 

3. Still sticking to relaxing...Candles!

Coming home after a tiresome work/school day to light an aromatic candle by your bedside table is most likely the best feeling in the world. Candles can be found in all different sizes or scents and are usually around 7-12 dollars each, depending on the factors. Bath and Body Works as well as Target sell wonderful candles!

4.  New notepads/journals

Our brains are constantly whirring with new ideas that we need to write down, not to mention they are “required” in most schools. Even if you don’t have a child to send to school or go to school yourself, having a new and stylish journal lying nearby can always come in hand. Places like Target or Amazon tend to have stylish notebooks and journals for as low as 14-16 dollars.

5. A handy thermos

Nowadays it seems like almost everyone is drinking tea or coffee at school or work so why not get a new thermos to carry around? Good quality thermoses can be found on amazon or Walmart for around 18-23 dollars depending on brand and size.

6. A pair of new shoes

A new pair of shoes is always nice, especially with the start of the new routine with new people. You may live in an area where it gets cold fast, resulting in a completely different wardrobe change or just need new shoes in general. The price always depends on what brand it is and where you buy them, the price can range from 20-60 dollars

Thank you for reading and hopefully these gave you some ideas on how to treat yourself or your student this new school year!

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  • Alice Kazakov