7 Trendy Bath Products

7 Trendy Bath Products

There’s nothing better than buying new bath and body products and feeling fresh and amazing after your bath/shower! Not to mention we all know someone who likes posting pictures of their kids in a mountain of bubbles or their bath bombs going off when put in the water. Here is a list of the most recent, top 7 trendy products!

1. Bath and Body Works’ Candles

Although it’s not exactly a bath product, it is still very relaxing and the candles from Bath and Body Works, along with other places like Yankee Candle have strong and amazing scented candles.

2. PINK/ Victoria Secret Perfume

Also not necessarily a bath product but still most people’s favorite brand when it comes to perfume, especially for teenagers and young adults. The two brands are known for having unique and strong scents, and especially since they have a lot of limited time or new edition scents constantly being updated.

3. LUSH sugar scrubs

Scrubs have gained a lot of popularity lately as more and more people start to use them to scrub off their dead skin, making their body or lips extremely soft. Though scrubs are sometimes on the pricey side, it’s definitely worth it because sugar scrubs last a while and they can smell wonderful!

4. Bath Bombs with rings inside!

Recently, the biggest bath bomb trend is bath bombs with rings inside! Not only is taking a bath with one very relaxing but you can find a beautiful ring inside, without it being damaged. SoapyMania's most recent product is Amethyst Druzy Ring Bath Bombs that are hand painted and have stunning gemstone rings inside. They can be found here!

5.Burt’s Bees Body Oil

Body oil keeps you skin moisturized as well as soft and Burt’s Bees happens to provide that but without the usual greasy residue. You may put body oil on after a shower as if it’s a lotion, and it leaves your body fresh and will definitely be a must have in your skin care routine.

6. Philosophy Pure Grace Lotion Shower Sets

Recently, Pure Grace have been getting a lot of attention for their simple but effective and delicious smelling shampoo, bath and shower gels. Just like any other shower gel their aim is to obviously clean, but these products do much more than that, and the price is quite reasonable.

7. Mario Badescu Lotion or Facial Spray

Mario Badescu products, especially their facial spray has become popular among teenagers and young adults. The spray has aloe vera, rosewater and thyme; all of which reduce acne and leave the skin glowing. As for their lotion, they have custom lotions for each skin type and different scents, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Hopefully some of these gave you an idea on what you can get for yourself and once again, thank you for reading!


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  • Alice Kazakov