Meet the Founder

SoapyMania Modern Fairy Tale 

This is how it had been going for several years: during the day I worked as an engineer for the US military, and at night I had been cooking soap, scrubs, making my own formulas with joy and passion.

This was not always the case. The story began somewhere in Russia, when a girl Alena was born in the family of engineers. She wanted to become a designer and was very artistic and creative. The failure of a genetic code I assume.

“Get a normal education and then do whatever you want,'' said Mom. “Normal” means engineering, of course. Well, if this is the key to my freedom, why not, I thought. So this is how I became an engineer.


A few years after my graduation I moved to LA. My skin got traumatized by the change of the climate and I started looking for a solution to help myself feel better. I tried everything: tubs of lotions, bottles of oils and thousands of different creams - nothing worked well enough. My internal engineer was craving for a deeper and smarter solution. I started digging information on how our skin works and what the heck happened to mine. This is how I became a soap maker.

I founded SoapyMania as a company - a Handcrafted Soap Boutique - in 2014. This was it - 2 in one for me - a deep engineering/scientific approach met creativity and artistry. My life became more colorful and started smelling just amazing.

Join the craze and become a SOAPY MANIAC today!