At Soapymania, we believe in providing luxurious bath and body treats you can trust. Our locally-crafted products are meticulously composed with the utmost care, using only the finest quality, non-toxic, natural, and eco-conscious ingredients that ensure gentle and safe application on all skin types.

Our unwavering focus on producing organic and all-natural products is a reflection of our commitment to preserving the environment for future generations. We endeavor to act as responsible global citizens and constantly seek sustainable solutions to ensure the least impact on our planet.

WE ARE ONE. At Soapymania, we believe that together we can make the world a healthier, cleaner place. We are all connected as a part of the same ecosystem. Like the Ladybug that protects and cleans the leaf it’s on, Soapymania is here to do the same for you.

Elevate your bathing experience today and immerse yourself in the Soapymania distinction.

With so much SoapyLove, 
SoapyMania Team

SoapyMania Fairy Tale

Hi there! I'm Alena, a soap-making superhero with a background in engineering. My journey began in Russia, where I dreamt of becoming a designer. However, being a designer in a family of engineers was difficult. My mom once said: "Get a normal education and then do whatever you want". So, I took her advise, and became an engineer as a way to gain my freedom.

Years passed, and my artistic soul persisted. After pursuing a "normal" education as advised, I embraced my true calling as a soap maker.

After moving to LA and experiencing skin troubles due to the different climate, I embarked on a quest for a solution. During the day, I tackled technical challenges for the US military, but when the sun set, my passion took center stage as I dove into the world of soap, scrubs, and magical formulations. Countless lotions and  creams later, I delved into the science of skincare, and SoapyMania was born in 2014 – a Handcrafted Soap Boutique where engineering and creativity harmoniously coexist.

I was able to combine my deep understanding and knowledge of engineering and science with my growing creativity and artistry. My life has been more colorful and I haven't looked back since!

Join the the craze and become a Soapy Maniac today!