10 Best Essential Oils for Body and Mind

10 Best Essential Oils for Body and Mind


If you read our last post, and you hopefully did, you would have read about aromatherapy benefiting our physical and mental health using essential oils. So let me recap, essential oils are concentrated liquids obtained from different plants along with aroma extracts. When used properly these scents are found to reduce stress and be used for antibacterial purposes. So what are some of the most common essential oils and how are they used?

1. Basil; Basil essential oil is most commonly used for it clears acne breakouts if applied to the skin, not to mention it is a stimulator of the brain for de-stressing.

2. Eucalyptus; this specific oil has strong antibacterial components which can be help clear the respiratory system when inhaled. To do so you must put your face over a bowl of steaming water with eucalyptus oil in it and inhale while covering your head with a towel.

3. Lemon Balm; Lemon Balm treats small skin conditions such as herpes and cold sores by applying it directly to the spot.

4. Lavender; Lavender oil has recently been the most used oil because of all its benefits. When applied it disinfects the skin and scalp, and treats respiratory problems for a restless sleep. To add on its components enhance blood circulation. In fact we have a few products that use lavender that can be found here.

5. Sage: this oil contains estrogen which relieves symptoms such as cramps and mood swings of pre menstruation and menopause.

6. Bergamot; this particular scent has been proven to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression since floral scents stimulate the brain that controls our hormones. SoapyMania has a Chamomile Bergamot scented soap bar that can be found here.Bergamot fruit

7. Thuja; Thuja oil when rubbed directly onto the skin can relieve joint pain and muscle pain, works best when applied straight after a workout. 

8. Mint; Mint is another antibacterial agent, so when it is taken with tea it can treat an upset stomach. Same with oil, when inhaled it can cure an upset stomach or headache. More soap in a mint and lime scent can be found here.

9. Lemon; this citrus smelling oil is stimulating while it is calming. It has detoxifying, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties which can be used anywhere on the body. Inhaling this scent has also been shown to reduce headaches and migraines.

10. Ginger; last but not least, we have ginger essential oil. Ginger treats upset stomach and if applied to the skin it can also reduce inflammation and heals infections. To find a ginger massage soap, click here.

Hopefully these have been useful and remember, you can find any of these essential oils at your local grocery store for any of your needs. 

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  • Alice Kazakov