5 Skin Care Resolutions for the New Year

5 Skin Care Resolutions for the New Year

I’m sure skin care is extremely important to most of us, and we always try to better our routines to get the look we prefer. Now I’m not saying constantly doing stuff to our faces is a must, everyone is beautiful in their own way and our bodies naturally clean about 70 % of the toxins in our body but occasionally we can step in, because almost everything effects our skin. So with that being said here are 5 new goals we can set for ourselves in this upcoming year.

  1. First and most importantly, take makeup off immediately after you’re done wearing it. Keeping makeup on for too long with result in clogged pores and an excess production of sebum in your follicles. If you’re not a big fan of spending hours in the sink trying to scrub it all off with cleanser or makeup remover, keep a pack of makeup removers next to your bed for easy access. Just remember to watch out for products with alcohol! It’ll severely dry out your skin, making it hard to put on makeup again.

2. See your dermatologist. It may sound like a weird resolution to have but it’s vital to ensuring healthy skin. They can spot out small details you haven’t noticed before and check out and skin tags or moles you may have. Dermatologists can also advise you to use certain products that will pertain to what you need and you skin type, ex. anti-wrinkling and acne spot treatment.

3. Change your sheets and covers once every two weeks. Believe it or not your pillowcase contains more germs than your bathroom, you’re always your dirty face/hair on it, which is then just going right back to your pores. Changing up the sheets will reduce bacteria buildup and inflammation (plus you’ll smell fresher!)

4.Try out a face mask once every two weeks. Spare time is scarce I know, but using a pore strip, charcoal mask, clay mask at least once every two weeks while you cook dinner or finish up some house work could be extremely beneficial for healthy skin and a glowing complexion.

5.Use moisturizer daily! It’s hard getting back super soft and hydrated skin after it gets too dry. If you have the oily skin type trying moisturizing every other day, too much can keep causing build up of sebum oil. Serums can help lock in the moisture and keep the skin looking radiant. It’s essentially the most important out of these New Years resolutions!

Thank you for reading and hopefully these tips have inspired you!

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  • Alice Kazakov