6 Tips For Healthier and Younger Skin

6 Tips For Healthier and Younger Skin

Although there may already be a lot of articles floating around on looking younger most of the newer ones involve unhealthy creams and solutions and even sometimes surgical procedures. That’s not something that should be done just to achieve a healthier and younger look and definitely shouldn't be the first option. That being said here are some natural and healthy ways to make your skin look more healthy and younger.

1. Drink water. Definitely the most common and basic tip but everyone must drink water. Not only is it obviously good for the rest of your body but it helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells which lowers stress and maintains skin elasticity.

2. Eat Berries. Berries such as blackberries and strawberries have high antioxidant content and protects skin cells with their acids.

3. Sleep well. Though everyone should already be getting enough sleep but getting the proper amount needed is crucial in getting healthier skin. While you snooze, your body boosts blood flow to the skin so when you wake up you have a healthy glow.

4. Use right skin care products. Sometimes it’s hard to find products that actually work but if you find the one perfect for your skin it should nourish your skin ten times more than a cheap moisturizer at local Target. For example, products with seed oils and tea extracts to moisturize your skin. Also, try to use products with very simple and natural ingredients list: the simpler the better - less preservatives, more nature.

5. De-stress. Stress causes your blood pressure to go up, which so happens to make your skin inflame and pop up with blackheads and red spots. Find your best way to de-stress: yoga, SPA, book, music, new pair of shoes, a trip somewhere, or just a smile.. 

6. Proper diet and exercise. Fruits and non fatty or acidic foods help bring healthier cells to your skin to give it a natural and glowing look as well as reducing chance of clear wrinkles. Exercising also increases blood flow and nourishes cells, not to mention that you can sweat out all of the toxic waste in your blood flow.

So as you can see you don’t need medical procedures or expensive products to make yourself look younger and healthier.

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  • Alice Kazakov